Top 10 Wedding Games For Pictures

Top 10 Wedding Games For Pictures

Top 10 Wedding Games For Pictures

Make sure you save it and share them with your soon-to-be newlywed friends.

1. Break The Wall
Get layers of strong plastic wrap for the groomsmen to make a hole with their tongues.

2. Panda Stack
Stacking up on top of each other like the stack of pandas.

3. Monkey Dance
Choose a high beat song and get groomsmen to dance.
Make sure everyone dance like crazy!

4. Kissing Game
Get the groomsmen to pass a piece of seaweed from mouth to mouth.
This looks like they are kissing each other.

5. Shake Shake Shake
Paste stickers all over the groomsmen’s body.
Get them to jump and shake off all the stickers without using hands.

6. Makeup Session
Direct groomsmen to makeup for each other.
Request them to do a catwalk to parade their ‘artwork’ like runway models. 

7. Put The Stockings On
Try to find some interesting props.
It will help your games look more interesting in pictures.

8. Voiceless
Make the groomsmen sing or talk with their mouths wide open.
You can hardly get a word.

9. Poke The Balloon
Many are afraid of balloons bursting even for guys. 
Tips: Put some flour in the balloons. The flour will spread all over the poker’s face.

10. Foot Massage
To increase difficulty of the games, get groomsmen to do piggy backs in order to add on the weight.

These are the Top 10 Wedding Games for Pictures. Of course there are many more interesting games on top of what we suggested above.

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