Overseas Pre Wedding

Overseas Pre Wedding

Overseas Pre Wedding

Overseas Pre Wedding

This year marks another milestone for our team here at Momento! We have had the privilage to make a mark in heading to different destinations for our Overseas Pre Wedding. Many soon-to-be-newlyweds nowadays sees Overseas Pre Wedding as one of their essential elements in their dream wedding.

Throughout the first six months of 2016, we have had the great opportunity to travel to Paris, Venice, Macau, Melbourne, Santorini and Bali. All these places provide such beautiful scenic views with iconic architectures for us to capture our couples’ best moments.

Many of our clients who came to us looking for a top event management company already had a rough idea of the locations that they would love to head to as their Overseas Pre Wedding choice. We had done further groundwork prior to that and would advise on some of the greatest locations which couple could also consider.

Our packages also include a comprehensive offer that included our crew’s airfare and accomodation on top of their professional skills. Both our Principal Photographer and Makeup Artist are dedicated professionals who worked closely with our clients in assisting and accommodating to their needs at every photo shoot location.

Our primary goal was to make our clients feel at ease and as comfortable as possible, so that their smiles and poses could be translated naturally in their pre wedding shots.

As a team, we definitely had an enjoyable time getting to know our soon-to-be-newlyweds and creating a bond while soaking up and learning about the culture of others. Every couple has a different story to tell and at every different oversea destination, it was definitely an exciting and a memorable experience!

Overseas Pre Wedding:-
Europe Pre Wedding
Paris, France Pre Wedding London,
United Kingdom Pre Wedding
Venice, Rome, Prague, Italy Pre Wedding
Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding
Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Australia Pre Wedding
Queenstown, New Zealand Pre Wedding
Bali, Indonesia Pre Wedding
Singapore Pre Wedding
Hua Hin, Bangkok, Thailand Pre Wedding
Hokkaido, Fuji, Kyoto, Japan Pre Wedding
Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, Korea Pre Wedding
Lijiang, Shanghai, China Pre Wedding
Taiwan Pre Wedding
And many more!

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Meanwhile, please follow our Facebook Page and Instagram for up to date photos! Paris, France Pre Wedding_0691 Paris, France Pre Wedding_0975 Paris, France Pre Wedding_0939 Venice, Italy Pre Wedding_1486 Venice, Italy Pre Wedding_1242 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_8358 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_7848 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_7739 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_8271 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_8258 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_7395 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_7200 Santorini, Greece Pre Wedding_8203 Church Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_8136 Church Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_8138 Church Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_8162 Church Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_8143 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_9730 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_9675 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_9696 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_9615 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_0119Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_0112 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_0121 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_0028 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_9965 Melbourne, Australia Pre Wedding_0038 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_4858- Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_4923-2 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_6213-2 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_6240-2 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_6249 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_5037- Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_5060- Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_6697-2 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_8523-2 Bali Indonesia Pre Wedding_8594-2 Macau Pre Wedding_6519-4 Macau Pre Wedding_6489 Macau Pre Wedding_6523 Macau Pre Wedding_6543-2 Macau Pre Wedding_6620 2 Galaxy Macau Pre Wedding_6359 Galaxy Macau Pre Wedding_6373 Galaxy Macau Pre Wedding_6756-2 Galaxy Macau Pre Wedding_6796-2 Macau Pre Wedding_6442-2 Rialto Bride Macau Pre Wedding_6743-2 Macau Pre Wedding_6679-2 Macau Pre Wedding_6685 2 Macau Pre Wedding_6822 2 Macau Pre Wedding_6835 2 Macau Pre Wedding_6856 2