Wedding Day Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

Wedding Day Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

Wedding Day Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ)

Wedding Day Frequent Ask Questions

1. How do we book your services for our wedding?
To book our services, a RM1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your wedding date with the photographers. Please ensure you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions before making the deposit.
You can find them here: Terms & Conditions.

2. Are your prices negotiable, and are there any hidden costs?
Our pricing is fixed and transparent. We will disclose all potential costs upfront when we send you our packages, ensuring there are no hidden fees.

3. When should I pay the balance?
We will collect the balance 7 days before your wedding.

4. What is your photography style?
We emphasize in a minimalist, rustic, and elegant style, focusing on candid and natural shots to make your photos timeless.

5. What are the differences between having one photographer versus two photographers covering a wedding day?
The key differences between having one vs two photographers at a wedding are about perspective and coverage. With a single photographer, there is a limitation to capturing only one angle at a time, potentially missing moments during simultaneous events. On the other hand, two photographers can cover different angles and locations at the same time, offering a more thorough capture of the wedding day, reducing the chances of missed moments.

6. Would one photographer be enough for my wedding if I just needed basic coverage?
Yes, one photographer can cover the essential aspects of your wedding. However, please keep in mind they cannot capture multiple perspectives simultaneously, which may limit the range of coverage.

7. How do you edit the photos?
We maintain our distinctive style through consistent color editing, adhering to our Momento signature color. We occasionally produce black & white images or do so upon request. Please note, we do not perform detailed touch-ups on wedding day photos.

8. What wedding day details do I need to prepare for your team?
Our team will reach out for the final itinerary and details closer to your wedding day.
For guidance on what details to prepare, check out our blog: Must-Have Wedding Details On Your Wedding Day.

9. Will you provide direction and posing during our shoot?
On your wedding day, capturing genuine moments is our priority. Thus, we suggest being natural and not focusing on the camera. Rest assured, we will offer directions and suggestions to ensure you look and feel comfortable and at your best throughout the shoot.

10. Do you offer services outside of Penang?
Yes, we offer services in different states and internationally, with additional travel costs if not included in the package.

11. Do we have to book flights and accommodations for your team during outstation/overseas assignments?
Not necessary. Our team prefers to manage our own bookings for greater flexibility, and we will include any travel expenses with your final balance after providing receipts.

12. How long do we need to wait for the final edited products?
The turnaround time for receiving your edited products varies depending on the season but typically falls between 30 to 60 days.

13. Can you expedite the editing process for us?
Yes, we can expedite post-processing for an additional fee. Our editing team is available to work overtime to complete your photos & videos outside of regular hours. Please note that this service is subject to availability and will incur overtime charges.

14. Do we need to provide meals for our team during the wedding?
Yes, it’s customary to provide a meal for your photographer/cinematographer if they will be working during meal times.

15. Is the break in between considered as working hours?
No, the coverage time is primarily based on the actual active hours outlined in your wedding itinerary.

16. How long do you need to prepare a Same Day Edit (SDE) photo/video slideshow?
We need at least a 5-hour window (excluding travel time) to prepare the SDE.

17. What happens if we exceed the contracted time?
Extensions are subject to our team’s availability. Additionally, we will apply an additional hourly rate for extra coverage.

18. Can we receive the RAW, unedited files?
We do not provide RAW files. Only the final, color-edited JPEG photos and videos will be provided.

19. Can we make prints or albums on our own, or must we go through you?
Yes, you are free to print the photos wherever you prefer. Specifically, we provide high-resolution photos, you can print them anytime, anywhere.




1. What is actual day cinematography, and how is it different from traditional videography?
Actual day cinematography captures your wedding with an emphasis on storytelling, emotion, and detailed moments, presenting the event in a cinematic style. In contrast, traditional videography is typically more straightforward and less stylized, focusing mainly on documenting the event as it happens.

2. If I have only one cinematographer, can you create a similar effect?
While a single cinematographer can still capture beautiful moments, the coverage might be more limited compared to having two or three cinematographers. With just one, there are constraints in capturing different angles and moments simultaneously, meaning some moments might be missed. One cinematographer provides basic coverage, lacking the variety and depth achievable with a larger crew.

3. Will there be a full-length video in addition to the highlight video?
A full-length video is available upon request, provided it’s not included in your selected package. Please let us know if you would like this added before to the shoot.

4. Can we choose the music for our wedding film?
Absolutely, you are encouraged to suggest music that resonates with your personal style and story. Furthermore, please supply the chosen song in MP3 format.

5. Can we request specific shots or moments to be included in the film?
Definitely. In order to make your wedding truly unique, we welcome any special requests or specific moments you wish to be captured. Please discuss these with us before your wedding day to ensure they are included.

6. Do you provide drone shots?
Drone footage is available upon request. Please note that its usage might be restricted due to weather conditions, specific locations, legal requirements, etc.

7. What’s the difference between a teaser, highlight video, and full-length video?
Teaser: A teaser is a very short video, typically lasting about 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is designed to give a quick glimpse or “tease” of the wedding day. You often share teasers soon after the wedding to pique interest and keep friends and family excited for the full video. They usually feature a few striking shots from the wedding set to music, but they do not delve into details or tell the full story.
Highlight Video: A highlight video is longer than a teaser, typically running between 4 to 6 minutes. It serves to capture the essence and key moments of the wedding day, edited in a cinematic style. Highlight videos include significant parts like the ceremony, vows, first dance, and other memorable moments, all woven together with music, speeches, or vows as the audio backdrop. They want to highlight the best parts of the day in a way that’s emotionally engaging and tells a more complete story of the wedding.
Full-length Video: A full-length wedding video is the most comprehensive, usually lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. In particular, this video aims to cover the wedding in much greater detail and includes footage from the entire day – from getting ready, the ceremony, reception, speeches, dances, and other significant moments. The editor cuts the full-length video for clarity but includes longer scenes than the highlight reel, offering a real-time experience of the wedding day. The couple particularly value this format for its completeness and often keep it for personal memories rather than for sharing widely on social media.
NOTE: Full-length videos typically need two or more cinematographers. To cover important moments, such as the ceremony and speeches from a variety of angles. Multiple cinematographers capture reactions, exchanges, and occurrences that a single cinematographer might miss, making the wedding day more dynamic and full.


These are the most Wedding Day Frequent Ask Questions we receive from our clients regarding their wedding day. Should you have any further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help make your special day as smooth and memorable as possible.

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