Getting to know more about us? What our clients comment about our service? Check out the comments below from our lovely clients:-

Testimonial from couple: Victor Khoo + Eunice Wong

I first came to know about Momento Wedding when I was accompanying my wife to hunt for the perfect wedding gown. Kat (Vernon’s wife) greeted us with the brightest smile and patiently tried to understand our preferences and recommended us a couple of gowns and suits accordingly without us needing to browse through every gowns and suits.

While we were at it, Vernon introduced us to the photography packages that they are offering. Skeptical at first, we did not sign up immediately but we came back to Momento Wedding soon enough after scouting around and talking to a few other friends who have either engaged them for their photography services or are currently working in the photography industry.

Having Momento Wedding’s photo team was definitely one of the best decision that we have made for our big day! Vernon and Kenny arrived at our garden wedding avenue well ahead of the promised time of 5.30am, and proceeded to scout around the venue in search for the best corners for the perfect shots.

Prior to our big day, Vernon asked for a list of things that we would like to cover as well as any special requests that he and his team can cater for. All I could remember is handing over all the things that I want them to cover and the rest was a breeze for me despite having to cope with the my-big-day stress.

Vernon and Kenny professionally guided us in posing for photo shots and managed to pull off impromptu photo shot ideas as there were sudden changes in the weather and we had to proceed with our plan B. He and his team did not hesitate to rush into the rain to help to move all the decorative and chairs to the back-up venue without any of us asking to ensure that our garden wedding can proceed as smoothly as possible.

At our wedding dinner reception, Vernon and Kenny has yet again shown total dedication in positioning for the best shots as they ensured that both me and my wife are always accompanied by either of them at all times. They were always easily accessible when we needed them for photo shots at any tables.

As part of the full-day package, Vernon and his team delivered the promised Same Day Edit (SDE) video of our garden wedding. Not only they were early for the wedding dinner reception, the SDE that they managed to produce far exceeded our expectations! The choice of music was spot on. They also covered and included many shots of moments-to-remember as part of the SDE. It may sound insane, but both my wife and I watched the SDE over and over again as it was so entertaining and touching to witness the perfect moments that we could not have seen from the various angles.

It was a total worry-free and pleasant experience with Momento Wedding as our choice of photo team for our big day! Highly recommending them for those who are seeking to capture perfect moments of your big days! Worth every penny spent ????Once again, thank you Vernon, Kat and Kenny for the awesome experience!

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Testimonial from couple: Dan + Jessica Mah

My husband Dan and I got engaged 14 years ago in the UK while we were only graduate students who couldn’t afford professional photography. Not only did we miss out on pre-wedding photos, but we had a very low budget wedding without much to remember it by. Now, 14 years later, we have built our life in the US with busy jobs and 2 small kids so we rarely get the opportunity to feel glamorous. This past summer, we travelled to Penang to visit my mother-in-law. I decided that now might be the time to make up for our missed pre-wedding photos since photography is more affordable in Malaysia than in the UK or US. Dan and I also lost about 120 lbs together over the past year and we wanted to celebrate our new found health. Vernon, Kat and their team helped us to achieve that feeling of captured glamour and beauty. We are so pleased with the photos that will last us a life time.

What made us chose Vernon over other photographers that I researched online was his use of light and angles, as well as the drama of the natural environment. For our photo session, we chose the Tropical Spice Garden for our personal theme and the Peranakan Mansion for our formal theme. One of the photos from the Tropical Spice Garden is now the wallpaper on my computer at work and my coworkers comment daily on how beautiful it is. Some who know me well ask why I look 25 years younger in the picture, but even coworkers whom I don’t know stop to tell me how much they enjoy seeing the photos that I place on my computer wallpaper. I tell them that the credit goes all to the talented photographer and his editing skills.

Dan and I love the Perankan Mansion photos so much that we enlarged 5 shots and made huge canvas art pieces to decorate our living room wall above our fireplace. Friends on facebook call the photos stunning, regal, and perfect. One person said that our event looked better than the wedding from Crazy Rich Asian, which was the popular movie that was playing in the theater during the month that we had our photo session.

I feel a little guilty that we had this great experience without including our 2 kids in the pictures, but it’s nice to have a fresh romantic moment after being married for so many years. Maybe we will go through this again for our 25th year anniversary and allow our kids to be in the photos next time! I will be tempted to hire Momento if I visit Penang again, even though I don’t need any more formal pictures.

Kat was a pleasure to work with. We exchanged detailed emails for weeks between the US and Malaysia in preparation for meeting in person. She was always prompt, professional and courteous with her responses. She was also great in helping me choose the perfect gown rental. (I love that dress so much! My friends keep asking if there’s a way for me to buy it.)

Jamie, the hairstylist and makeup artist, also made me feel so comfortable with the experience. Even though my husband and I are over 40, we’ve never had anyone do our hair or makeup before so it felt awkward at first. I trusted Kat and Jamie with their ideas for hair and accessories and it turned out just right! Kenny, the assistant photographer, was also very nice to work with. I took all the edited proofs and made a photobook on Shutterfly. I had to include the final selfie team picture with Vernon, Kat, Jamie, Kenny, Dan and myself because they all made the experience so enjoyable and memorable.



Testimonial from couple: Roy Ang + Vivian Goh

5 stars studio.

I booked both pre-wedding and wedding from Momento and the reason why is rather simple – no hidden cost and we love their photographs.

We had 2 days pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali back in June, Vernon make us believe that our money well spent. The service received was phenomenal, still remember when we went to hidden canyon, just because Vernon want to take some photo from different angle, he decided to walk down to the rapid river and stand between 2 stones that are not visible. Of course, the photos were fantastic and we loved it so much.

Then we decided to use their service during actual day and when we speak about the package, Vernon is providing his professional advice for me to go for the lower package since my dinner come first than the actual day so same day editing may not be useful, eventually, the photo comes in only 1 month after my wedding but the photos were edited nicely and even my friends and family members loved it.

Wedding is only once in a lifetime, so make your choice wisely.



Testimonial from couple: Zhi Feng + Celestine Ong

Vernon is a professional and very accommodating to our needs throughout the duration of our pre-wedding photoshoot. Enquiries are dealt with efficiently, and over all service is great too! Really appreciate that our pictures could be ready in this short time frame



Testimonial from couple: Zhi Feng + Celestine Ong

We visited Momento wedding as one of our potential prewedding shoot vendor. Their photography skills captured our attention and we chose Momento wedding out of the few other wedding boutique we visited at Georgetown. No regrets at all. I have my prewedding shoot today by Momento wedding. And the whole process was seamless and fuss free (they were super professional!). I am just super impressed with everything from gown fitting to schedule planning and etc. I could go on and on about what they have done well in today shoot. But honestly in short, I would just like to say that I would highly recommend Vernon and his team to any other people who chanced upon his page or anyone who is reading this now! ? They definitely delivered more than what they promised. 100000 thumbs up!


Testimonial from couple: Joe Loo + Kayan Looi

写写一些感言 大家在选择婚纱照这part应该会有头痛,担心价钱担心拍出来的效果,尤其是外国摄影….那就看看我怎么打分吧

首先先说说我们的摄影师Vernon Kong
那时我觉得惨了他这么serious就不能傻了会很压力 因为我没有model的条件拍照会很木…
但原来他也和我一样疯 很好说话很friendly也很贴心,还记得第一次在Mykonos 见面时 他就问我你怕冷吗?我说我很怕 他就说那你有带厚的外套来吗…答案是没有



Testimonial from couple: Chun Wei + Ailee

Thank you Vernon and the team!!! From pre wedding to actual day, they had everything organized nicely and they will do everything based on our needs! Appreciate it very much! Thank you for the help and your understanding. Finally everything is done! Thank you everyone and happy new year!!!



Testimonial from couple: Adrian + Mei Lian

Big thanks to the whole Momento Wedding team! Photographer Vernon Kong, Personal assistant/ Bridal shop owner Kat Leong, Make up artist Cindy Tan (H&C Professional Makeup Studio), all of them are truly amazing and give their best in providing top notch customer service to us! We are the 1st couple to enrol for the new pre wedding photoshoot destination in Hokkaido, and glad we did because everything is so beautiful! All of us had good times in Hokkaido and thanks again for the wonderful memories!
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Testimonial from couple: Adrian + Angeline

Adrian and I are very happy and glad that we made the right decision to choose Momento Wedding. Thank you so much to Vernon and his team (photographer & videographer) for being very professional and enthusiastic in capturing all the wonderful moments during our wedding day. Kat has also been very helpful throughout the whole process right from the start with her prompt and clear communication, great suggestions and ideas and also by being very accommodating. We had a wonderful experience during our pre-wedding photoshoot as well. Thank you very much to Helena Yeap (make-up artist and hairstylist for our pre-wedding photoshoot) and to Sam Khor (make-up artist and hairstylist for our wedding day) for an awesome job and also for being very professional  



Testimonial from couple: Adam + Melinda

My husband and I decided to engage Momento for our pre-wedding and wedding day shooting. Initially, we were quite worry after friends shared on their shooting experiences and photos with other photographers.
However, both of us rest assured after seeing the outcomes from Vernon which proved that our worries are unnecessary and redundant. We like the photos very much, especially on our wedding day, they are lovely natural photos. Vernon really did a great job on the most important day in our life by capturing all those precious moments from start to finish for us and our guests. ????????????????????????
Received compliments and good feedback from our guests and friends on the photos and SDE too.
Thanks Vernon for the beautiful photos and Kat for the coordination!
We have the most wonderful set of photos to look back on in years to come ❤️
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Testimonial from couple: Xiang Kee + Qiu Yan

Engaged Momento Wedding for our wedding actual day photoshoot, by Vernon & Kenny. They are both punctual and very friendly. Montage prepared by Momento Wedding was very impressive and satisfied with it. Can’t wait to receive the rest of the photos.



Testimonial from couple: Steve + Rowena

Vernon and his team did an excellent job with us. We had a lot of fun exploring all the places in Penang while capturing our precious moments. Vernon lets us have our own fun too and is able to give us advice on the things we want to try out. There were some not-so-great moments like road block at peranakan museum, or being forced out of the museum when time is up but the team kept their composure and kept me comfortable in all the outfits in the hot, humid weather. Kat is absolutely professional in helping me in and out of my dresses on top of accommodating our crazy tight schedule during CNY; Jamie was really fun to work with as I came up with funky ideas for my hair, her humor helped ease the discomfort during the hot weather. Vernon is excellent in giving clear instructions on how to pose, where to move and where to look; I wasn’t so sure if I’d look stiff in the photos but to my surprise, they turned out awesome! Always trust a professional!



Testimonial from couple: Chong Wee + Carol

Momento Wedding did an impressive job at our wedding last Sunday. We engaged Momento Wedding as our photographer & videographer for actual day, and I must admit that it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The team led by Vernon were very professional in every aspect of the job. We had a tight schedule for the day (needing to travel to 3 locations) and despite the hecticness, Vernon and the team manage to capture really beautiful moments of our day. This is most noticeable in the 2 SDEs which they produce – it was simply beyond our expectation. They made the experience most enjoyable and memorable. Excellent work you guys!! Me and my wife couldn’t be more grateful to have such a great team with us on our big day, and we look forward to seeing more of Momento’s works in weddings to come.



Testimonial from couple: Bar + MC

First of all, I don’t think Momento need reviews. Their work speaks for itself. It is more than incredible.

When we were looking for a wedding photographer online and we stumbled upon Vernon’s portfolio we couldn’t believe how amazing his shots were. They were in a league of their own. So we got in contact with Vernon and Kat.

The first thing that struck us about Vernon and Kat are how passionate they were about their job. How lovely and welcoming treatment from them.

During our pre wedding session, Momento moves as professional team. They are transparent and they didn’t stop until we did it.
As the result, the photo outcomes were “the best photos we are ever going to have of ourselves”

Vernon’s photos tell the story of the day like we remember it personally. Every photo captures the magic, the emotion and the personality of us to the finest detail.

Momento was worth every dollar its cost. We wish you all the success in the future, thanks again Kat and Vernon!



Testimonial from couple: Puva + Maren

“A true photographer masters not only the camera, but also the heart…”

This is a note to say thank you for everything you both have done over the last few days. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making this pre-wedding shoot a successful one. Maren and I are eagerly waiting to see your magical touch. You and Becky were an incredibly talented photographer and make up artist. Its a real pleasure to have worked with you both. Also thanks alot for helping us around about food, transportation and etc. Definitely we will miss all the crazy moments we had together for these 4 days…We know it’s isnt that easy to survive long in other country especially when language becomes a barrier. Have a safe journey back guys. Miss you’ll! We will definitely be highly recommending you to anyone who requires a wedding photographer for both local and overseas photoshoot.



Testimonial from couple: Adrian + Cecilia



Testimonial from couple: Gary + Rena

Big thumbs up for Vernon and Kat for all the wonderful and professional service rendered to me and my husband through out the process from understand the package, choose gown and photo shoot in Bali. We have so much fun during the photo shoot in Bali with Vernon and Yzan (MUA), with their friendly and professional approached, I’m really enjoy and impressed with their wonderful service.
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Testimonial from couple: Fabien + Swee Hwa

We would like to express our greatest appreciation towards The team of Momento Wedding. They provide a very professional service to helping us from the gown selection, shooting theme, poses, make up & the photo album. Our pre wedding shooting was smooth & fun. Gowns provided from the joy bridal was gorgeous! Last but not least, thanks for the patience to fulfilling our requirements about our photo album. We are satisfied with the outcomes & received lot of compliments too❤️



Testimonial from couple: Ravind + Daarshini

I would highly recommend Momento Wedding as they are a great team of professionals who are also very accommodating with us.It was a pleasure to have them as our pre-wedding photographers.The outcome is simply amazing.No doubts at all!



Testimonial from couple: Meng Khiang + Phui San

Thank you Vernon and the Momento team for your patience and expertise, in capturing those amazing moments of our actual wedding day! You must have been to so many weddings and ours was probably no different to the many weddings you attended, but your professionalism, passion and skills proved to be unwavering!


Testimonial from couple: Wei Sin + Wan Peng

Momento Wedding offers services beyond our expectations!
We’re so thankful for those beautiful photos taken by Vernon & the happy photoshooting experience. Their packages are so reasonable priced especially for an award winning photographer. We may hear some stories from couples complaining about the extra or hidden charges when they sign up for pre-wedding photo packages but you can rest assured that this will not happen in Momento Wedding, everything in the package is clearly listed & well explained by Vernon & Kat.
Vernon is a very professional photographer and taught us how to strike a post patiently while Kat is very helpful on choosing the right gowns for the bride. Not to mention their stunning collection of gowns, I was informed that their gowns were handpicked and some were designed by local designer where you can’t find the same piece in other bridal boutiques. The team of Momento Wedding is awesome and we can feel their passion in this industry. We strongly recommend Momento Wedding to couples who are getting married or those who wish to capture their sweet & precious moments in their lifetime.
Thank you Momento Wedding once again & keep it up!


Testimonial from couple: JJ + Chloe

Hey Vernon, thank you for flourishing your amazing photography skills on our wedding day. The pictures you and Kit took are amazing. The SDE video you guys produced during the wedding got me in awe. Me and Chloe can’t stop watching the video. It really was a great experience having you guys taking our photos. You and Kit have captured every moment perfectly, and I must say you guys exceeded our expectations. There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand word. But the picture you guys took means much more than that. It’s amazing how you guys could make one special day all fit into a short video clip. Thank you so much for your hardwork and proficiency. I am definitely recomending you to all my friends who are getting married in the future. And thank you for coming all the way from Penang just to shoot our wedding.
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Testimonial from couple: Isaac + Patricia

What happen if 2 person, who never ever been in a photoshoot before, didn’t know how to pose, it will surely annoys most photograhpers.
But, that’s different from Vernon, who was patient in teaching us how to pose, teaching us how to pose to make us looks good, and giving us encouragement as well, to make the photoshoot a fun time for us, instead of a stressful time.
He is open for suggestion on where to shoot, giving us advice on where to shoot. He also know what he wants, the angles, the style, which makes it easier for us to pose as well. Overall, he is super professional, and friendly, and fun to have our pre-wedding shoot to be taken by him.
Besides that, his team of bridal house, assistant photographer, and make up artist was so professional and helpful throughout the shoot.
No doubt is tiring, but its all worth it. No doubt that there is no hidden charges, what is advertise is what you pay and get.
So I encourage you guys who are planning to have your pre-wedding shoot, please consider Momento Wedding. You will feel satisfied and will never regret the decision made.


Testimonial from couple: Jimmy + Shanice

My fiance and I had our pre wedding photoshoot done with Momento Photography just recently and we were absolutely satisfied with their services and professionalism. Vernon has been very communicative throughout the whole enquiry process and be rest assured that there is no hidden charge because everything you see in the package is what you get. During the photoshoot session, Vernon was really patient in guiding both of us and we were impressed by his professionalism and dedication in photography. He would try his best to capture the best angle even if it requires him to stand in the most awkward or dangerous position. Venisess has done a great job in my makeup and the fact that she is concerned about my sensitive skin put me at ease to just sit down and let her do the ‘painting’ job on my face. She was really friendly and chatty, which make me feel calm and relaxed before the photoshoot. Kat was very helpful throughout the whole shooting process and while choosing the dresses for our pre wedding, she knew instantly which dress is suitable and which is not. They provide an extensive range of wedding gowns and bridal accessories which is very convenient as being the bridal couple, we would have been too nervous and stressful to even think of what to mix and match for the photoshoot. We can’t wait to work together with Momento team again on our actual wedding day!

Second Testimonial from couple: Jimmy + Shanice

Thanks so much for the effort and we really love your professionalism in capturing the beautiful moments of us especially at Kellie’s Castle and M Boutique. Jimmy was so happy seeing the photos before, but after seeing the edited ones he’s even more thrilled now. He’s already choosing which one to print for house porters.

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Testimonial from couple: Francis + Alice
Testimonial from couple: Yen Chiat + Joanne

Testimonial from couple: Wei Chun + Catherine

Thanks to Vernon and company for capturing the love story between me and my wife in beautiful photos. The process from start to finish has been smooth and transparent. We appreciate all the efforts in making our wedding photos a memorable one. Blessed business and continue to capture love into eternal moment.

 Testimonial from Couple: Yee Loong + Cherry






Testimonial from couple: Victor + Li Ting


Testimonial from couple: Woei Man + Shan Shan


Testimonial from couple: Paul + Rochelle

Dear Vernon, Just a quick thank you for your great work at our wedding on the 9th April in Penang. Your Photo booth was a hit and our friends are still talking about it!!!
Rochelle and Paul

Thank you for all the time and effort you took to make our wedding day so special. We really enjoyed working with you and are excited to see the final products.
Best wishes,
Rochelle & Paul
Photo Booth Testiminial