Why Momento Wedding

Why Momento WeddingWhy Momento Wedding?

Check out what are the differences between us and other photographer teams.


No Hidden Cost
Momento Wedding provides high quality services at no hidden cost. We do not charge split day cost at the moment. All soft copies will be returned in all our packages without additional charges.


International Awarded Photographer
Founder of Momento Wedding, Vernon Kong is an 8 International Photography Titled Awards and is recognized as one of the Successful People in Malaysia by British Publishing House. He has also been recognised as Top 10 Best Photographers in Malaysia. Momento Wedding has also been featured in many popular websites and magazines.
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Momento Wedding is flexible. Hence, we can discuss and customise a package for you if there are any special requirements from your end.


Why Momento Wedding
Momento Wedding captures every MOMENT of your fairytale wedding. We put our hearts and souls to capture you in the most CANDID and NATURAL way. Moreover, we love to put a CREATIVE and ARTISTIC touch in your pictures.
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Significant Testimonials
A Customer Satisfaction Testimonial is always our priority. We are delighted to be receiving a bunch of lovely comments from our customers! Check out our Facebook and Testimonial page to view these testimonials.
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Our Services
Momento Wedding offers Pre Wedding and Actual Day Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Makeup and Hairdo, Momento Photo Booth (Live Print) and Bridal Gowns Rental.


So, these are many reasons why Momento Wedding and there are many more! If you are interested in our services, contact us to visit our studio and find out more info.

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